Who am I, and why should you choose me ?

I am a woman, I am a mom. I am real.

I have been been pregnant, breastfed, and over the years both gained and lost weight. I understand the challenges , schedules and demands of newborns, and therefore have a lot of patience with very young babies. I am raising a 6yr old daughter, so can relate to the childlike giddiness and playfulness of young children and toddlers. I have been married, so understand the stress and excitement on a wedding day, wanting everything to be as perfect as can be.

I have lost a strong, courageous sister to breast cancer, and have a special place in my heart for cancer survivors, offering free boudoir photographs to these women, in order to help them rebuild their self esteem and see themselves in an incredibly courageous and beautiful way.

I ,myself, have had beautiful photographs taken of myself, in order to remind myself of my inner goddess, amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

Signature is a photography business based in Tableview, Cape Town.

Danja Kohler - Signature Photography

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Dearest Danja
Thank you so much for everything you're doing for me, I don't know how I'll ever repay you. Just know that my daughter and I appreciate it so much.

You've made my day...no, my year!!!!!

Thank you again and kind regards,


Hi Danja
Thanks so much for the pictures – they are really lovely.

Thanks again,
Kind Regards


Dear Danja!
It (my photo) looks stunning - I cannot believe that is me!
When do you think you would be able to do a family portrait for me? It would have to be on a weekend! Although with photos like yours - you are probably booked until Christmas! Please will you send copies of the others once they are finished - I have never been so excited to see photos of myself!
Thanks again,


Hi Danja!
Just wanted to say thanks for the canvas print, it looks fantastic!
Darren and Amanda


Thanks a million…..
Louise Berry
Kelvin Grove Club
Newlands Cape Town


I must say that I am very impressed by the pics. I wasn’t feeling too great & to me it doesn’t show at all. Hooray for Danja – she’s my new hero !

Please check out Danja’s page on facebook and her website
She is truly amazing, she makes you feel comfortable and at home
Even though Zion wasn’t in his smiley mood, she made the best of the situation and got some awesome shots.
I definitely recommend her.

- Celine

Hi Danja.

The photographs are stunning, we look like super models !!

Kind regards and thanks.
- Lucille and Granville Beck

Thank you for your work (photographs)

The pictures are beautiful, and your passion for animals is obvious in your photographs !

- Andre Reynolds

Hi Danja. Just want to thank you again for the photographs of baby Jasmin - they are beautiful ! - Simone

You are the author of my most favourite book, my wedding album! I am eternally grateful.
-Peter van der Heyde